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10x Joinery is the perfect solution to your wardrobe needs. We have a wide range of prices and designs that will cater to any wardrobe-related problems you might be experiencing; whether you need a small scale stand-alone storage option or you are after a large walk-in wardrobe to light up your master bedroom, we can help. At 10x Joinery, we have a wide selection of colours and styles available. We work with you to build storage solutions that will maximize your living area without compromising on style or design aesthetics for any room in your home!

We’re local Sydney business owners who pride ourselves on creating beautiful wardrobes at affordable prices using materials sourced – this ensures the quality of all products which are then very durable and long-lasting. Our aim is simple: provide excellent service with high-quality wardrobe designs as well as other storage units made especially per customer specifications – whether it’s built-in wardrobes or customised sets of drawers designed specifically around their needs.

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To get an estimation for your new wardrobe in Sydney, please feel free to contact us via our online inquiry form and one of our design consultants will contact you to discuss your wardrobe requirements. 

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Our custom-built wardrobes are designed specifically to suit your needs and your surrounding home decor. All of our wardrobes are designed based on a thorough understanding of your requirements to effectively use the entire available space.

10x Joinery does not downgrade any materials when manufacturing wardrobes like other companies may. All materials are the same as in your kitchen to ensure your new wardrobe will last longer due to quality materials and assembly.

We offer custom-made wardrobes that can make your home or office more functional and stylish. We will help you create storage space, so everything has a place!

Built In Wardrobes

To get rid of your wardrobe in Sydney, call 0403 076 872 to have one built for you. Our Sydney wardrobes company are the perfect solution because all of your belongings fit into any space and provide ample storage so that everything stays organized.

Walk In Wardrobes

Walk-in wardrobes are one of the best investments you can make. Not only will they give you more storage space, but also a place to relax! 10x Joinery has created custom walk in wardrobes in Sydney for years. Call us now for more information about how we can help transform your home into something special!

Custom Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Sliding wardrobe doors in Sydney is an efficient and stylish way to open up your space. They not only fit into tight spaces but also come in a range of styles that match every décor!

Wardrobe Interior Designs

More and more, homeowners are looking to create the ideal space for their needs. For those who want a sleek design with maximum storage capabilities, 10x Joinery has you covered! We have wardrobes Sydney that meet every need – from children’s bedroom organization systems to custom-fit cabinetry in your walk-in closet or kitchen pantry.