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Bathroom Mirrors Sydney

No matter how beautifully decorated a bathroom is, it cannot be complete without a mirror. Bathroom mirrors Sydney reflect artificial as well as natural light, giving an illusion of spaciousness and helping to make a room look larger than its actual size. Brighten up your bathroom with our beautiful range of mirrors today.

At 10x Joinery, we offer a wide range of different bathroom mirrors that will match and complement any style of decor, whether antique, vintage, traditional, contemporary or ultramodern. Our mirrors are designed to enhance the appearance of any bathroom regardless of its size.

10x Joinery mirrors that are both attractive and durable. All of our glass products are manufactured to the highest quality standards, and our glass mirrors are no exception. They can be cut to fit any wall feature, for example above a fireplace so they can withstand many years of wear and tear while still maintaining their beautiful appearance.

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